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The School

MADHUSUDAN MAHTO HIGH SCHOOL was started in 26th January 1992 to cater quality English/Hindi education in order to meet the needs of the fast changing 21st century world. The school is affliliated to Jharkhand Academic Council(JAC), Ranchi, Jharkhand.

MADHUSUDAN MAHTO HIGH SCHOOL popularly known as MSM which has come a long way in nurturing young minds since its inception. Its impresive journey started in 1992 with the ambience for a ground breaking education system. The school provides various facilities like VAST PLAYGROUND, COMPUTER LAB, SCIENCE LAB and other seprate LABS for various subjects, spacious and well staked LIBRARY. School follows 100 percent child-centered approach with emphasis on Continous & Comprehensive Evalution System implemented by C.B.S.E. participation in the co-scholastic activities has range from YOGA, KARATE, ART & CRAFT, MUSIC, DANCE etc. are an integral part of the learning system.

The school is a co-educational English/Hindi Medium based on CBSE curriculum.

MSM is situated at Asantalia 4 km away from Railway station Chakradharpur in west direction linked with CHakradharpur-Ranchi main road NH-75E.

School Management

Mr. S. S. Mahto(Secretary)

Mr. Laxman Mahto(Director)

Mr. B. K. Hindwar(Director)

Mr. N. K. Mahto(Director)

Director's Message

It is my pleasure to state that the School was founded with high vision of late Madhusudan Mahto, a renowned social worker of his time. MADHUSUDAN MAHTO HIGH SCHOOL started in 1992 with an aim to spread the light of knowledge for development of pupils. Presently the school is running under the name of MSM HIGH SCHOOL that offers both Hindi & English Medium. Our achievement can be seen in Hindi Medium with the excellent Academic results of Board Examination which has 100% first class in 2008.

In order to meet the present demands of the parents for quality education in English, It was decided to open a school named MADHUSUDAN PUBLIC SCHOOL(MPS) under CBSE Baord with a high vision of providing English Education to level the present standard of learning. However MADHUSUDAN is also continuing English Education under MSM for those children whose parents are unable to afford the English Education under MPS.

I assure you to give same result and a performance among the students in MPS in forthcoming years, for which a constant and humble support from parent's side is needed.


Education has an immense impact on the human society. MADHUSUDAN has made good progress in every sphere of education. It prepares to impart quality education to the children. We believe that the aim of all education is to build character. The school provides ample of opportunities to students to students to bring out their hidden talents and also encourages them to become more creative and confident. The main emphasis of MSM is on all round development of the students in academics as well as in co-curricular activities(CCA). Over the years, we have not only achieved excellent academic recrds but also secured apex position in sports and cultural activities across the nation.


First of all I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all the parents who have shown an interest in MADHUSUDAN an educational centre. To provide quality education to students under the roof of MADHUSUDAN is one of my most cherished dreams which is now on the threshold of its completion in terms of Education. At MADHUSUDAN, we enable children to excel their hidden potential by exposing them towards diverse opportunities. We teach them to be confident, cerative and independent. We believe that Education is the tool which alone can inculcate National and cultural values.

We have started Digital Smart Class in which we use innvative teaching-learning aids that makes learning simple and interesting for students. We believe that Education mainly begins at home where parents play an active role play by developing the willingness among the children to study and learn. So parents should understand the priority of their children and dream.

We have been providing ample opportunities to all our students to derive the best benifits for their overall Personlity Development. Our Education aims at development of 3 H's - HAND, HEAD & HEART. I believe that the healthly learning environment in MADHUSUDAN makes the school just the right place to ensure joy and smile on student's face to light up the nation.


It gives me immense pleasure to state that MSM is one among the few new generation schools in our country. From the start, the school has attracted great interest from parents and students for its quality education system. Most of the students come from different states and create a multi-cultural educational environment. The school is based on the residential system of education. The school runs Hindi as well as English Medium of instruction. Students are guided by our resourceful teachers to develop their hidden skills. The school provides opportunities to students to have an insight into the understanding of their subjects. We believe in preparing the students to become National pride and good human begins.

Vision & Mission

We believe that education is not only the information but also the life building, character making, assimilation of ideas, which helps in the personality developement of a child.

  • Our focus to education is in accordance with the changing needs of time.
  • We focus on the all round development of the student rather than to give only academic excellence.
  • The school takes up different programmes which inculcate a sense of discipline.
  • Adaptability for simple living and high thinking, respect for our age old culture and heritage.
  • The school would like its student to become dynamic and constructive citizen of the country and good human being.

Our History

Madhusudan Mahto High School (MSM) was founded in 1992 with high vision of Late Madhusudan Mahto, a renowned Social Worker of his time with an aim to spend the light of knowledge for development of pupils. Presently the school offers the course of studies in both Hindi & English Medium under the State Board.


  • Address: Asantalia, Chakradharpur,
    W. Singhbum, Jharkhand
    India - 833102
  • Email: info@msmckp.com
  • Website: www.msmckp.com
  • Mobile: 9955475737 / 9931546305